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Food Line Facts

Estimated Statistics for 2018:

Bowls of Soup served: 110,000
Cups of Hot & Cold Tea (Coffee on Saturdays): 102,000
Loaves of Bread used: 2,600

Hospitality Day:

Lunches served: 1,400
Showers given: 1,000

Monthly Food Box distribution:

Food Boxes given out: 160

Hospitality House guests:

Room for 4-6 guests, average: 5

Morning Food Line Menu:

Wednesday: Rice
Thursday: Mac & Cheese
Friday: Pasta
Saturday: Ramen noodles

Each morning:
We cook 40 - 60 gallons of soup (426 - 639 12- oz. servings each).
We also serve a Healthy Side Dish, Bread, Water, Hot & Iced Tea, and also Coffee on Saturdays.

 Knights of Columbus Pancake Breakfast also including Eggs, Sausage, Potato, & Grits (Second Saturday of the month).

Cooking Soup

Cutting Bread


500 West Van Buren Avenue -  Las Vegas, Nevada 89106 - Map
(702) 647-0728 - mail @ lvcw.org